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Hospital Revenue Optimization

The Costs for providing medical services have increased, while payments for those services have decreased. Insurance risk has been shifted to hospitals and its administrators are finding difficulties in adequately evaluating the performance of their hospital. To remain profitable in this environment, a hospital needs accurate and timely cost information from which informed business decisions could be made. When we discuss about timely, we are talking about real-time. The Revenue Optimizer Solution (ROS) is to give the hospital the ability to determine its cost and revenue on a daily basis REAL-TIME. With this advanced and proven solution, hospital administrators could take proactive actions to resolve cases that require immediate attention. Our approach to defining the cost will be: .

  • Automating area, which requires real-time capture of data.
  • Helps to effectively manage the time and cost involved to deliver the services to the clients.
  • Determining procedure costs.
  • Determining material cost
  • Determining drug cost
  • Determining overall cost/per case
  • Defining resources and allocation
  • Allocation of duration and cost to activity.
  • Interfaces with existing system
  • Disease cost management
  • Drug management
  • Capital expenditure management
  • Expected and actual revenue calculations

  • Modules:
  • Patient Registration Module
  • Users Module (Doctors or Physicians)
  • Administrator Module
  • Super Administrator Module