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Sales Marketing Management

The success of your business ultimately depends on your relationship with prospective customers. Give your team the necessary tools and the essential information and support they need to focus on and nurture all their business relationships with the sales and Marketing.s

IBS Easy Business Solutions Sales and Marketing Management solution Will provide on demand access to customer and sales information to your sales team. All the information is centralized so that you have sales, marketing, and customer service & support details such as deals in progress, marketing campaigns received, and open cases. Helping you manage relationships more effectively.

Key Benefits:
Complete visibility to all sales activity, in REAL TIME, from ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME.
The ability to collaborate with salespeople on individual projects simply by making your own notations in the record.
No loss of critical data due to salesperson turnover.
A central repository for all opportunities in the pipeline, so that you can easily do forecasting and gain insight into your sales pipeline.
Ability to easily enter leads into the database and then assign and/or reassign them.
The ability to filter the data views by rep, so that you may get a better idea of workload.
A mechanism for coaching salespeople.
Access to real-time reports that are automatically generated by the system.

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